「taramu books & cafe」は







taramu books & cafe は、古い廃材や新しい木材を調和させ、既製品にとらわれない古くて新しい場所として作りました。ロゴやお店のコンセプトは、木の根をイメージしました。本は人にとって知識や教養を栄養として与えてくれるものです。木の根が、土から栄養を得て枝・葉・実をつけるように、人も本から様々な知識を得てより深く生きる知恵を身につけることができます。これから、たくさんの本にまつわるイベントや誰もが楽しめるワークショップの開催、とびきりの雑貨やおいしいものなどがお店に集まり並ぶことを考えるとワクワクします!見て楽しい、参加しておもしろい、感じておいしいプロジェクトを考えてやっていきたいと思います。人と人がつながる場所になることを願っています。 

We are located in a once abandoned factory five minutes on foot from Omuta Station. The space was renewed and opened on October 9th, 2016.
On the 1st floor taramu books & cafe is a hand picked book store that carries both books and magazines. Our cafe, located on the 2nd floor, offers a space to eat, read magazines and relax both morning, afternoon and evening. We aim to offer an oasis for people to take a break from every day life. 

taramu books & cafe is a mixture of both old and new woods. Even our building is an old, revitalized building. Our logo and cafe concept is based on the roots of a tree. The books are like roots giving knowledge and learning to people. Just as the roots of a tree would give nutrition to the branches, leaves and fruit of the tree, people gain nutrition from books to help them to live a more fulfilling and fruitful life. Our book centered events and workshop are comfortable for anyone to attend. We are constantly trying to think of new and interesting projects so as to create a place for people to connect.